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IRON030: MIDNIGHT MESSIAH-The Root of all Evil LP 12£

Paul Taylor and Phil Denton after finished the NWOBHM cult band ELIXIR (popular for their debut album "Son of Odin" which many consider one of the greatest post-NWOBHM gems) opened a new chapter with MIDNIGHT MESSIAH. In the Blood & Iron realm, we see this brilliant debut album as one of the best British Steel releases in many years! So we thought this one had to be out on our favourite format. Midnight Messiah seem to catch where Son of Odin left off, a true modern day answer to the 1986 classic but at the same time with their own identity, given the perfect balance between the youthful energy of younger members and the know-how of the songwriting veteran duo of Paul & Phil. The future of British Heavy Metal shines on!

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IRON029: DESOLATION ANGELS-Sweeter the Meat MINI LP 12£  

The cult NWOBHM London band returns with a brand new stellar release! 5 tracks presented on the MINI CD self released by the band last year and one exclusive vinyl track which is a long instrumental track where the band explores their 70s influences. Vinyl cover art different than the CD, including a lyric insert. Metal Man will be their new anthem! 

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15£ (split release with Raging Planet and Chaosphere) LIMITED TO 300 COPIES ONLY! Includes Card Insert.

After a decade of existence their best album to date is finally out. The Third Crusade is the third studio album recorded throughout 2013 with the previous line-up and later on added contributions of the new line up. The band has to date several Split eps and one official live bootleg album apart from the studio albums. The last studio album called Two came out in 2009, now 5 years after, we see a new band with the best original ingredients but with so much more to add in these new songs. Comprised of 6 songs plus one instrumental (as its usual in their albums), The Third Crusade starts with Demons, an epic doom song of 10 minutes and one of their best songs ever. Then you have the mysterious Falling, Cry of the Vampyre in the best Italian Horror Doom style (this song is a tribute to Paul Chain and early Death SS), Iron Freebird (the instrumental) with a slight Wino guitar-signature, Absolute Power (an anti-government anthem embracing a darker Doom environment making remember a bit the 2011 song of the Split 12” with Apostle of Solitude); Next is Esperança, a Portuguese language sung song very melodic and dark, which at this stage of the album you’ll have the idea of the typical Dawnrider sound of current times: Dark, melodic and epic. The album end with Marching to the Death, a mid-paced song, tribute to Voivod and Piggy (RIP). The lyric is made of Voivod song titles and has their Doom signature mixed with Piggy guitar style. In general we see a band that evolved to a six piece line up (keyboards and 2 guitars again), the end result being a more dark progressive Doom band and less psychedelic and harsher like in the past. Fans of bands like Black Hole, Mercy, Candlemass, Paul Chain, Coven 13 and Seasons of the Wolf will rejoice! 


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IRON024: SACRED STEEL-Anthology 1984-94 CD 8£ (split release with Metal Soldiers Records)

Chicago's unsigned Heavy Metal titans, finally have released their much deserved anthology. Included are the Sacred Steel demos from 1984 (first song "Breakin you Down" was used for the "Chicago Metal Works Battalion 2" being the only vinyl appearance of the band), 4 live songs (one of the songs never recorded in studio) and the VAMPIRE self released EP which was a later reincarnation of Sacred Steel in 1994. A must for any fan of the U.S. Proto-Power sound like Medieval Steel, Glacier, Salem's Wych, etc. Booklet filled with band history, lyrics and rare photos.

Disclaimer: Song 5 "Runnin from the Night" has a 2 seconds cut in the middle of the song. The only source available of this ultra rare recording was damaged so it is not a pressing defect. We decided to include the song as is, because this studio demo do not belong to the 4 song 84 demo that opens the CD.


Iron023: CROWHAVEN-Emotional Adjustment LP 12£ (split release with Metal Soldiers Records) FIRST PRESS ON BLACK VINYL SOLD OUT.Second Press White Vinyl Limited to 200 copies available.

1986 cult private press mega rarity of U.S. Steel finally on vinyl! Presented in it's original sleeve, remastered with one bonus track, this is an essential arcane gem for fans of Legend, Dark Starr, Angel of Mercy, etc. Like the original, this press is only limited to 300 copies! Includes full color insert plus original xerox-insert repro. Second press on white vinyl doesn't include the xerox insert only the colour insert.

SECOND PRESS OF 200 COPIES ON WHITE VINYL. Copies vary from plain white and white with a few grey/brown sparks. If you have preference state in your order please.

Special editions on white vinyl with some marble effect of 8 copies and grey marble also 8 copies. Both versions hand numbered on the labels and have some extras like posters etc.

These super limited versions will only be ready in the end of February.